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CAD/ Digital

I want to become more of a fashion digital designer. So I been working on Computer-Aid Designs using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CLO programs.


Illustration 1.jpg
Illustration 4.jpg

Can't be Fixed-

Kissing Kate Barlow

Illustration 8.jpg
illustration 3.jpg

Tech Pack Examples


First Project CLO

This is an exercise of adding pockets to the t-shirt. 

Cornute Jessica_3D Assignment 1 Pockets

Basic Handkerchief Skirt 

Hankercheif Skirt Views_Colorway A_0.png

A basic 2 layer skirt with different color ways of the second print. 

Hankercheif Skirt Views_Colorway A_0.png
HS Colorways_Colorway A_1.png
HS Colorways_Colorway B_0.png
HS Colorways_Colorway C_2.png
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