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Traditional Illustrations


2019 MET Gala Competition |CAMP|

In the essay Notes on Camp, Susan Sontag states she is both drawn and offended by the aesthetic. Initially researching for Shoedsack's King Kong, I decided to look more into black and white films, and finally settled on Hitchcock' Psycho. Viewing interviews and behind the scenes documentaries, Hitchcock described the Shower scene was meant as a joke but the majority of the audience was deeply offended by it. 

Samuel Harrison X Louis Vuitton


This project is an imaginative collaboration between fashion illustrator Samuel Harrison and global brand Louis Vuitton. This artwork centers around the 2019 Fall Collection that had taken place in the Centre Pompidou. As one can see inspired the backgrounds. 

SamHarrxLV 1ps
SamHarrxLV 2PS
SamHarrxLV3 PS

'Till You Get Home

This project was from my advance apparel development class of 2019. It was based around love letters sent to and from those in the front line and their significant other(s) in the home front in WWII. The inspiration of the ruching is from the typewriter that is commonly used for some military reports and or writing. You can see the final illustration collection and construction on two select looks here

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